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Uniforms and Patches

What Each Scout Needs

What does Pack 230 provide?

Pack 230 will provide the hat, neckerchief, and awards. Scouts must be fully registered and paid to receive their items. Replacements for missing items can be provided if we have them in our inventory, but the family must reimburse Pack 230 for the price of the item at the scout store.

Pack 230 also has available for purchase single “230” patches that are cheaper than buying a 2,3 and 0 patch and then easier to sew on. They also say “Capitol Hill, DC” on the bottom. Ask the Cubmaster if you need to buy one.

Uniform for Lion

  • Hat and T-shirt – both provided by the pack

Uniform for Tigers, Wolves, and Bears

  • Blue Cub Scout shirt (short-sleeves version is suggested).
  • Cub Scout Web Belt
    • Don’t skip this! The belt holds all the awards.
    • This comes in different varieties for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear.
    • Get the Wolf belt to last throughout Cub Scouts. The Wolf emblem is 2nd-grader’s symbol but also the standard Cub Scout symbol.

Uniform for Webelos

  • If buying new, get the tan shirt. Webelos may also use their old blue shirt.
  • Blue shoulder loops
  • Webelos colors (to hold the adventure pins on the shoulder)
  • A Webelos belt is available but not needed to hold Webelos awards.
  • Webelos badge: There are two options for the Webelos rank badge: a large, tan oval badge, or a blue diamond badge that fits in with the other badges. Pack 230 provides the oval badge.

If scouts wish to continue displaying their other badges, families may purchase the diamond badge and use it to replace the Tiger badge on the bottom. Many scouts have outgrown their first blue uniform by the time of Webelos, so they leave their old badges on their blue uniform and buy the tan one for Webelos, placing the oval badge on the new uniform.

Another option is to buy a plastic diamond-shaped holder from the scout store for the old diamond badges and hang it in front of the the oval badge.

Patches for All Dens

  • The World Crest Emblem
  • National Capital Area Council strip
  • 2, 3, and 0 numeral patches for “230.”
  • Den Number patch
    • The den number for your den will stay the same through all six years of Cub Scouts.

Den Patch Numbers

Typically, a scout stays in the same den number through all of their ranks. When you join the Cub Scouts, you will be assigned to a den based on your rank.

Neckerchief slide, pants and socks?

Pack 230 does not expect cub scouts to have the official neckerchief slide, pants, shorts, or socks, but feel free to get them – they look sharp.

Placement of the badges

Pack 230 uniforms should have the “230” numbers and the National Capital Area Council strip on the left sleeve, the den number of the right sleeve, the World Crest above the left pocket. Purchase these patches when you get the uniform. Rank badges are added as they are earned and are provided by the pack.

Above the right pocket is an empty space that can be used for one official or unofficial patch that is not part of the regular rank system.

The Cub Scout Insignia guide shows exactly where to place each badge. It is available here:

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