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Badges and Awards

Rank Badges and Other Awards

Each year, the overall goal for each scout is to earn their final rank award. For example, Tiger Cubs work toward the Tiger Badge.

Each den also has intermediate awards the scout will receive throughout the year as they complete sections of their final goal. The Tigers, Wolves, and Bears earn “adventure loops,” small metal squares that slide onto a special Cub Scout belt. It is important to get the scout belt so these awards can be displayed! The Webelos earn “adventure pins.”

A complete list is available here:

Adventure loops for Wolf Scouts

There are also special additional “standalone” awards that are not part of the rank system, such as the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award.

The Handbooks

Each den has a handbook that explains the “achievements” required for each rank. 

Most achievements will be done through the den. Dens often do activities just for fun, but most activities are focused on finishing an achievement. You can also view achievements required for each rank online at, a scouting “Wikipedia.” Just search for the name of the den (e.g, Tiger).

Cub Scout Achievements At Home

Up to one third of achievements are done at home, not at meetings. Completing the rank award therefore requires parents taking the lead with their scout at home.

Some achievements involve practicing a good habit over a multi-week period at home. It is important to think ahead for these achievements to complete them in time.

Most “den” achievements are possible to do with family, though they might be more fun with the den. Likewise, most “at home” achievements are possible to do with the den, though they might be more meaningful with family. Each den leader will decide which activities are done at the den meetings.

Recording Achievements on Scoutbook

All achievements must be recorded on to count. is a convenient central online tool for leaders and parents to keep track of the achievements each scout has finished and the awards they have earned.

The “Pack 230 Guide to Scoutbook,” a PDF document, explains in detail how to use the website. Any of the scout leaders can email it to you.

Scoutbook also includes the official Pack 230 calendar under Dashboard > Events. There is also a email function under Dashboard > Messages

Scoutbook is Pack 230’s online portal for submitting data on the ranks each scout has earned to the national database maintained by the Boy Scouts of America. When Pack 230 purchases awards from the scout store, the store checks the national database to ensure they were earned. The achievements therefore must be recorded on Scoutbook for Pack 230 to purchase the awards without any problems.

Parents must record achievements done at home. Den leaders will usually record achievements done at den meetings, but parents should double-check the records made by the den leaders.

Presenting Awards

Once a scout has earned an award, a scout leader will present it to them in front of their peers. Every award presentation should be an event, even if it is just a quick one at the end of the den meeting.

Most of the adventure loops and other intermediate awards will be presented in front of the den. The final rank awards will be presented in front of the full pack. Special additional awards may also be presented in front of the full pack at the discretion of the den leaders.

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